Activeship-TMS enables you to import current shipment data into the optimization tool from your ERP, WMS, or from a spreadsheet, and automatically determine the most cost effective way to consolidate and route your shipments. Establish parameters for Activeship-TMS according to your individual business practices – across all modes, including Parcel, LTL, TL, Rail, Intermodal, Air Freight, Ocean and Multimodal.  

Activeship-TMS will consider pooling points and backhaul opportunities, and even optimize across multiple modes and international shipments. Load plans are created showing optimized, multi-stop truckloads, pooled distribution opportunities, continuous route plans, and cost effective options for remaining LTL shipments. You will also be able to determine the optimal ship dates and delivery appointments based on carrier resources, available docks, and delivery windows. 

Activeship-TMS will analyze all possible ways to optimize your shipments, and provide a through explanation of how shipments were organized. You will see the costs, mileage and CO2 emissions reduction for planned routes compared with the un-optimized data. Optimization details are provided as well as maps and graphs to support the optimization scenarios. To perform “what-if” analysis on any plan, you can adjust any parameter and re-run the optimization tool to see differences. 

Best of all, Activeship-TMS provides the ability to analyze shipment history in order to determine the best performing transportation networks, resources, and options. Our robust reporting and analysis tools are customizable to meet virtually any supply chain analysis requirements. 

  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Transportation Management
  • Freight Optimizations
  • Visibility System Development
  • Project Management
  • Operations Management
  • Network Design
  • Carrier Rate Negotiations & Administration
  • Freight Bill Audit & Payment
  • Freight Claims Management