Global Transport Logistics, Inc. offers the full range of transportation management functions as a fully integrated, managed service. Our professional staff will coordinate all of your transportation related functions using our industry leading technology and expertise. Knowledgeable account managers are assigned to function as the single point of contact for each client and are accountable for meeting the savings and efficiency goals determined by clients. Our managed service offering includes:

Managing, scheduling and tracking with Activeship-TMS. As an electronic routing guide, our system is perfect for inbound carrier management or outbound distribution, and is easily integrated with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to provide shipment costs based on your negotiated pricing.

  • Least cost routing based on customer selected parameters.
  • Rate visibility through our industry-leading rating engine technology.
  • Easily integrate into your current systems.
  • Online tracking and tracing shipments.
  • Increases distribution and vendor compliance to routing

Load Planning and Dispatch

Using the Shipment Optimization and reporting capabilities of our Activeship-TMS technology, shipment coordinators oversee daily operations and are accountable for the cost-efficient movement of freight to meet on-time requirements, and provide customized client reports required.

Freight Bill Audit

Automated freight bill audit functionality insures that clients are paying the correct amount on each shipment or group of shipments. Freight charges are matched to tariffs maintained in our database, variances are identified, and manual audit conducted when required. Accessorial charges are managed based on rules established by the client, and areas of potential saving identified.

Freight Bill Payment Services

As an extension of our freight bill audit services, our freight payment system eliminates the need for the entry and processing of valid payments to service providers. The system matches invoices to transactions identified and validated by the client, and makes payments accordingly. Integration with client accounting systems ensures accuracy and timely reporting of transportation related expenditures.

Freight Claims Management

Along with the account managers and shipment coordinators, our freight claims administrators perform proactive follow-up on lost and damaged product claims and overcharges. Claims are investigated, filed and administered on behalf of the client. Recoverable assets are handled pursuant to client guidelines as are claim payments.

Pricing Negotiation

  • Leverage our buying power with domestic and international carriers
  • Negotiate pricing with carriers in all modes
  • Benchmark and establish performance metrics to best in class

Special Projects

  • Prepare and coordinate RFQ’s
  • Identify and negotiate warehouse facilities
  • Locate project assembly and distribution facilities

Inbound Vendor Freight Management

  • Coordinate vendor on-boarding including freight allowances, shipping locations and EDI set-up
  • Negotiate rates and allowances with carriers
  • Plan and dispatch vendor shipments